Our approach for a better planet.

Merch with respect for people and planet.

We at Merchandise Essentials want to make a lasting positive impact on the planet.
This means we only work with partners and factories that maintain the highest ethical values.

Because of our ethical & ecological promises, we only produce within the European Union.
Through our long term partnerships with all the involved parties, we can guarantee you
that all our merchandise will be produced in a sustainable way.

Our philosophy
is sustainable.

We don’t create t-shirts to mow the lawn or to paint your house. What we mean with this statement is that we only design clothes that people actually will wear! Clothing that doesn’t get worn is just waste.

By making our clients aware of the fact that merchandise should be worn (a lot), we automatically make sure that our merchandise doesn’t get wasted.

Durable materials.

We work exclusively with certified materials, this ranges from organic cotton to recycled polyester. Because of our extensive experience in the fashion industry, we know exactly which materials & suppliers to choose.

We also develop new technologies with our partners to make merchandise even more eco-friendly! For example: we already worked with synthetic yarn made out of fishing nets.

working conditions.

Sadly, a lot of people have a negative view on the working conditions related to clothing production. And the worst part is that often, this negative view is true, especially with the “cheapest options” on the market. We at Merchandise Essentials are doing this completely differently.

We produce exclusively in the European Union, in Poland, where the working conditions are the same as in the rest of Western-Europe. This means that our clothing has been made by professionals in a responsible way.

Continuous improvement.

The most important factor to be more durable is by optimizing the production processes. We don’t do this once per decade, no, we do this continuously! Continuous improvement is part of the Merchandise Essentials DNA and forces us to do better.

We help our partners to be more efficient by using better and more advanced technology & software tools.

We are planting a forest.

We want to neutralize our CO2 emissions as much as possible. And because of that we made the decision that for every 50 packages we send, we will plant a tree!

Through our partnership with Trees For All, we plant trees all over the world. In this way we also help our clients to make the world a better place.

Animal welfare.

A personal project of our production manager is the partnership with an animal shelter in Lodz (www.schronisko-lodz.pl/). As a textile company, we have a lot of spare materials that can’t be used for clothing anymore.

We make pillows for dogs with these materials that we donate to the animal shelter. That way the animals can stay there comfortably.

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