City of Roeselare

The city of Roeselare is located in the centre of West-Flanders, Belgium. A continuous growing city where the people are the center of their focus. The same city where Merchandise Essentials HQ is located.

With over 62,500 inhabitants, Roeselare is an active community in the center of Europe.

City branding as a marketing tool

To grow as a city it’s a must to do city branding. You’ll notice this in every popular city you visit, because it’s an upcoming tactic to attract people. Also for Roeselare it’s a challenge to do something special for their inhabitants, and they’ve found the perfect solution!

Wieder zin van Roeselare

Roeselare came with the idea to do a campaign in which they involved a lot of inhabitants. Everyone got the chance to participate in a music video of Roeselare’s very own song named ‘Van Roeselare’ which means ‘From Roeselare’, a cover of the song ‘We’re from Barcelona’. All over the city, events were hosted to lure the people on the streets and network with each other.

#VANRSL with Merchandise Essentials

Merchandise Essentials produced qualitative branded T-shirts and sweaters with a newly created hashtag #VANRSL, which literally means ‘from Roeselare’ in short. These sold massively on big events and people were proud to wear a T-shirt and sweaters from their own city. Even newborns were able to wear a little body with the city branding on it.

Even years after the launch people still wear the clothes!

A unique gift for the mayor

It didn’t end there, because Merchandise Essentials went pro-active and created an all-over printed swimming trunks as thanks to the mayor himself. A full custom swimming trunk we created and gave as as a gift for the grand-opening of a new swimming pool in Roeselare. The mayor was very happy with the gift!

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