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Let us be clear about this, newsletters aren’t dead. On the contrary, they have never been more important. Due to the huge influx of information we receive through Social Media on a daily basis, a post from your company is easily overlooked. The chance exists that your online followers will never see it. Even more, thanks to the complex algorithms of Facebook and Twitter that chance is rather big.

The ideal way to reach your followers is letting them subscribe onto your newsletter. Which if used correctly, offers a ton of advantages.

Advantages of email

E-mail is measurable

Through certain mailtools, such as Mailchimp, you can find all kinds of information about the readers of your newsletter. You can see how many people subscribe to you newsletter, How many emails arrive and also how many have been opened. You can also track on which links or call-to-action buttons people clicked. So those people are basically letting you know which products they really like.

E-mail is more personal

Thanks to all what you have measured, you can subdivide your readers into different segments in order to provide them with the information they need and where they really are interested in. That way you can increase the engagement with your customers. Examples of such segments are male or female. If people gave you their birthday, you could send out a discount code which is only valid for a certain period. By doing this you might increase your sales but you definitely will increase the engagement with your community.

E-mail is cheap

Gathering email addresses isn’t easy, but once you got those email addresses you don’t need to spend another penny on sending them. The only cost you have left is your time.

People subscribe voluntarily

Because people subscribe and give you permission to send them marketing related content they must actually be interested in your company or brand. Use this in your advantage by giving them that content. Make sure though that everything is strictly conform the new GDPR law. People need to opt-in before you can send them newsletters. A clear and easy opt-out method is crucial for GDPR

Pro tip: Let people confirm their email address so there can’t be any discussion in the future.

Why are newsletters so powerful?

Well, a newsletter can be sent very quickly to a large number of people. Also, research has shown that per euro you invest in email marketing, you get a return of €40. What?! This alone should be the reason why you should have started yesterday with sending out newsletters.

By dividing your mailing list into proper segments, you can send out mails to people who need them. Doing this segmentation is peanuts when you use mailing tools. By doing this, the percentage of mails that are opened will increase a lot.

By sending out newsletters on a regular basis, your brand awareness will increase drastically. Being Top of mind is something every company is after. This however is a goal only few companies achieve. By sending out newsletters you’re already one step in the right direction.


Newsletters are an excellent way to reach your customers in a personal yet promotional way. If your newsletter is applied in an correct manner, the possible outcome will be great. We advice every company to start sending out newsletter as from today. The numbers don’t lie, newsletters are one powerful medium to reach your customers!

Quick summary

  • E-mail is measurable
  • E-mail is personal
  • E-mail is cheap
  • €1 invested has a return of €40
  • Use mailing tools like Mailchimp

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