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Start building your swag packages by picking your prefered products. Are you going for the essentials like a cool hoodie, branded water bottle and a comfy pair of socks? Or are you going to go all out with personalized sportswear, messenger bags and custom beanies?

Choose out of our 30+ products available in over 200 colorways.

Churn reducing designs

Make your merch truly yours by personalizing it with custom decoration techniques, labels or branded hangtags.

Still doubting which design to use? We can design your products from scratch. Ask us about our design service.

Boxes all over the world

Sending your merch boxes to space might be a problem but sending them to 99 countries ain’t one. We’ve got your logistics covered. We can ship in bulk to your offices or send separate packages to all your customers all across the globe. Less paperwork for you and happier employees or customers. Yay!

Package deals we know will work for you!

Tried and tested, good vibes only. These packages contain some of the coolest merch out there.
Pick a volume that suits your needs and we’ll take you through the rest. Click the button below the box to discover the contents.




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How to create refer-a-friend campaign for your SaaS company

The hidden gem for rapidly scaling your business are referrals. Every growth hacker in the SaaS community knows that exponential growth is only possible if your clients start referring you. Now how do you do that? Well, if you were the first one to think of this, you would be very successful. There are a lot of cases where refer-a-friend facilitated exponential growth with 2 of the most famous examples being Hotmail & Paypal.

How to start with company swag that crushes it

Imagine your next trade fair, with your team getting compliments on their awesome matching company outfit. Or a thank you text from a happy client that just received your custom branded socks. Everybody loves getting company swag. But starting with your own company merchandise collection is a serious task. You have to juggle designs, products, sizes, stock levels, shipments and all that is just not your core business. That’s why we created this article. We’ll cover all aspects of creating incredible company swag for your Saas company & help you stand out.

Testimonial - Happy Client - Bieke

We’ve been working with Merchandise Essentials for 2 years now and they have showed us how multi applicable merchandise really is. We now have custom welcome packages to help make new employees feel right at home, unique t-shirts we can wear at fairs and personalized sportswear our team members can bond over while going out for a run. Our merchandise helps us getting a lot of visibility and it’s bringing our team even closer.

Bieke Deceuninck
Event Coordinator at Teamleader

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